Patient Testimonials

They may look like models, but these are some of our patients! A true testimonial to Dr. Haug and the team at Haug Orthodontics!

I really appreciate the work you all did to help my teeth to be straight. Thanks so much for being patient with me and for aiding my teeth in being straight and healthy forever. I’m glad I’ve gotten to have this experience here because it really has changed my life. I’ll always remember you and what you did for me. Thank you so very much!
Hope H., patient

I love coming to Haug Orthodontics. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. My teeth look great and I’m really excited to have my braces off. Thank you so much for helping me get straight teeth.
Layla W., patient

I enjoyed everything about my experience here. Everyone was always so kind and nice about everything. I enjoyed how nice & peppy the workers were; they never really showed that they were having a bad day or upset. I never had a thought go through my head that I didn’t like anything about it.
Lauren M., patient

To the entire Haug Orthodontics Family/Team –  Thank you all for your kind and joyous assistance this year. I have so appreciated interacting with this always upbeat, helpful atmosphere maintained in your office and practice. May each of you and your families enjoy the inspiration, love, joy, and light that resides in this heralded season.
Pilar, adult patient

Thank you for straightening my teeth and fixing my overbite. It has made my smile better and made me feel more confident. I liked how you moved to the less cramped and more high-tech office. I also liked the assistants and fast service. The only dislike I had was sometimes it hurt when I had new brackets put on. Thank you for your service!
 Blake H., patient

My experience at Haug’s has been very fun. All the employees are so funny, and I love talking to them. I always felt like you guys knew what you were doing and knew you would do what was best! My favorite part would definitely be the employees. I love you guys so much; you are so fun. Thanks!
 Valerie, patient

At age 35, I decided to have my teeth aligned mainly to improve my smile. A friend referred me to Dr. Haug and assured me that it would be a great choice. She was right. I had the porcelain brackets for two years, took advantage of a convenient monthly payment plan, and throughout my treatment, the office staff made me feel as if I was going in to visit friends. I love my new smile! Thanks again, Dr. Haug and staff!
 Lori, adult patient

My 7-year-old daughter had a thumb-sucking habit. For the first few weeks after getting her habit appliance, she was very unhappy. But through the care and compassion of Dr. Haug and her team, the habit is gone, and one of her favorite places to visit is the orthodontist! Her case is a true testament to the skill and caring attitude of Dr. Haug!
 Barb, patient parent

My name is Dawn, and I have the best smile in the Midwest. All my life I wanted straight teeth but suffered from a serious case of “dental phobia.” For years and decades, I avoided the dentist, let alone the concept of braces. My fear seemed to get worse every year. About 12 years ago, I mustered enough courage to book a consultation with Dr. Kimberly, as I call her. The consultation revealed that 4 teeth would need to be extracted before I could get braces. Needless to say, that only intensified my anxiety. Two years after that consultation no less, at age 40, a mid-life crisis perhaps (hey, whatever it takes, right?!), I determined that by God’s grace I could conquer this giant. The teeth were pulled (and that, by the way, wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated). The braces were set in place. Two years later, the braces were removed. It has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! Dr. Haug and her staff were terrific and helped to make it a good experience. It has truly given me a new level of confidence. I would encourage anyone at ANY age, to just “getter done” and smiling can become one of your favorite pastimes, as it has become mine. Woohooooo!
 Dawn H., adult patient

It has been a pleasurable experience (as much as could be expected with a mouthful of pain – lol!). The staff is always friendly and professional, and the new office is wonderful! Thank you, doctor, for a great job! My smile looks great! I also appreciate the understanding regarding my TMJ and forgiving the crossbite on the left. I honestly tell everyone how wonderful our experience has been. I love the advanced technology you use – thermal wires – instead of those old-fashioned O-Rings and new wires every 3-4 weeks. I admire you and your staff and appreciate all you have done for me and my family to make our smiles “unforgettable”!
Shannon C., adult patient

Dear Dr. Haug & Team, Thank you so much for making my smile a thousand times better. I’m way more confident and never stop smiling. I could not have asked for a better experience! I always have loved coming here for my appointments. Thank you so much!
Mallory S., patient 

Thank you! I’ve had a great experience here. Everyone has been so nice and happy. I love it! I’ll definitely recommend many people here. I’m so happy to get my braces off! So, just thank you so much for everything you’ve done.
Emma M., patient 

This team has been wonderful. Everyone is a joy to be around. There was not a time when I didn’t leave an appointment laughing and smiling. The team is very knowledgeable, loving, and sweet.
Rachel W., patient 

Dr. Haug and the team have been amazing to work with! They were always attentive to any concerns and helped make this a smooth process! I am very pleased with my results.
Megan R., patient 

My son, Cory N., got his braces off today. I just wanted to let Dr. Haug know that this was a wonderful experience for my son and me. I have been very pleased with the success of the orthodontic work. Your staff has been very pleasant and very helpful every time I needed to ask questions. Thank you for the great and successful experience!!!!
 Susan P., patient parent

Dear Staff of Haug Orthodontics:

Most kids do not look forward to the day they get their braces. I couldn’t wait. I smile all the time now. My teeth look great, thanks to all the staff at Haug Orthodontics.

When I walked to the office, everyone greeted me with a smile. I couldn’t help but notice they look like a well-practiced team. Everyone was wearing the same outfit. That being said, I knew who the Captain of the team was; Dr. Haug stood out.

There was never any wait to take my seat. After I checked in on the computer, I was able to walk right back to my reclining chair for my appointment. Dr. Haug would adjust wires and tighten brackets. She always knew what to do to get my teeth to move the way she wanted. I’ve been told, “No pain no gain.” Throughout my two years, I did have a few days of pain, but they paid off. Now I can see why I decided I wanted to get braces. Braces helped. They helped me, and they will help anyone that uses the services of Dr. Haug’s office. The people that work there know what they are doing, and they do their job well. Thank you to everyone who works at Haug Orthodontics, and special thanks to Dr. Haug for doing so much for my teeth.
 Nathan (treatment started at age 14 and completed at age 16)

What a beautiful, beautiful smile my daughter has gained. I am so very grateful to Dr. Haug and her staff for their patience, flexibility, and kindness…
 Tina, patient parent

My son’s case was extremely difficult. Dr. Haug tackled the case like the true professional that she is, and the results are amazing! The office is beautiful and very well run. I would recommend Dr. Haug to everyone!

As a dental hygienist, I see a lot of orthodontic results, and Dr. Haug’s are consistently the best!
 Lisa, patient parent

I would like to say that I had a wonderful experience here. I felt like Dr. Haug and the staff were like family every time I came in. Also, I would like to thank everybody here for helping me and making me feel at home. Now, every day I look in the mirror, I can smile, and I always know that you guys are the people that make me feel comfortable with myself.
– DeLarro, patient

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